Amy’s Wedding Jewelry

Amy contacted me on March 21st to request all these handcrafted pearl and crystal jewelry pieces to receive on April 8th with her custom details…I wanted to take this order because she was so excited to find chunky pieces that she was looking for a long time..It was really hard to think to make everything just in couple days but I DID..

The pearl necklace is a choker style but she requested as 25″ long..

Stud earrings comes with 6mm pearls, she requested with 8mm pearls and the result is magnificent.. and she wanted all the pieces with white pearls…

We had to figure out the right size for pearl chunky bracelet and decided to make it 8″

The vintage inspired bridal earrings are always gorgeous with all that bling

and as the last thing I would love to see some shots from her big day with my jewelry pieces especially  her pearl headpiece 


PicMonkey Collage-3


About sukrankirtis

Pearl and rhinestone statement vintage style wedding bridal necklaces in chunky style with dramatic vintage glamour & bridal party, bridesmaids gift jewelry for everyday occasions by Sukran Kirtis on Etsy
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